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Jun. 26th, 2008 01:44 am


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ETA: If you're reading this post (and honestly, I don't know if anyone will) and wondering where everything I'm *supposed* to be researching is, the short version is the post was too long when I started looking at one food! So I've switched to makings individual posts for each food and then over time I'll un self lock them, so I don't spam my poor friends who don't give two shits about this.

This is the beginning of a project I'm doing because I'm absolutely, positively nuts. It's ok, I like to think that because I admit it, it makes me a little less fanatical (recognition of the problem is the first step?). I know there's a website that does this, but I find their commentary very biased. I'd like to look at what claims the companies make as to why their particular foods are the best. I'm only including foods I'll consider feeding (puppy - large and normal, adult - there will be a lot more options here and I'll play with the different brands for comparison's sake so I'm not looking at absolutely everything out there and cat diets - as we're getting adult cats, I'm not taking kitten food into consideration and will most likely be looking at "indoor" formulas, or their related counterpart depending on brand).

This will be the post I regularly update, so I don't spam your poor flist with new stuff I find all the time. If anyone is reading this and has access to any studies that back up claims (or refute) like "reduced protein intake is essential for animals with kidney issues" or the opposite, I would love you forever if you linked me that study. I would also like to see research on kitten and adult nutrition requirements, preferably something in at least the last 10 years.

Carbs and digestibility:
Purdue Study


BHA/BHT (Includes good links)


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