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Up late, Mochi's having some tummy problems.  He seems to be over them, so off to bed we go!  Here's some photos I posted in another community I figured anyone who still reads this could enjoy them :)
The epic mess he made while I was in the shower last week.

He's sulking because I just told him to spit out some of the paper.  He definitely didn't get in trouble because I knew better and just didn't put the tp up!

Arya really loves to grab Kai's collar and play with her.  That's how they've played pretty much since I got her and we lived at my parent's house the first two weeks!

Zooming around the yard

Yea, Arya hearts her Kaikai :)

The next series of photos are semi in sequence (or at least  I think they are) this is how they play when Arya's feeling feisty.  Most of the time she just lays on her back while he pounces her from all directions and tries to nom her ears :)

Hah, I love how miffed he gets over playtime getting interuppted!  I will soon have video proof he instigates this if I can ever manage to have my cell phone handy when they get into it :D.

Mr. Moo was quite popular that weekend.

Going to fix the fence! We got a lot of projects done that weekend thanks to both our parent's help!

Seriously, Kai makes the best faces!

Oh man that last one would have been awesome if I'd managed to focus the camera!!

Waiting for noms in the kitchen.

A particularly flattering picture of Arya.

Relaxing after some running around midday.  It was still hot back then!

Arya needs some more love in this post!

This is more how she looks when he's not around a camera :X  She actually used to be dead scared of cameras!  Now I just get "the look" half the time XD

My husband being a goof.  Her nickname is "emo emo" for a good reason, so he was mocking her

That's "I'm gonna cause trouble!" and usually followed by her taking off like a mad woman.


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