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7 weeks! Aka the week they get evaluated for show quality. It sounds like only 2 of the boys evaluated as show prospects, she didn't mention if either of the girls did. Brainy sure is a handsome boy, I like how he's got the big dark spot up top, but not around his eyes. 

Tailor is the other boy who evaluated as show! I'm on the fence. I always get drawn to dogs that are a bit independent when what I really actually want (and like) is a velcro dog. 

Poor Hefty, she didn't say he evaluated as show. Sad because I think he's got a really nice hind end and as he's aged I've started to like his face. 

And sadly it seems Jokey didn't evaluate as show. Aww! It would have been amazing to have a dog that had that good of toy drive so early!

The puppies go to the vet on Monday for their CERF and then I think I'll find out Tuesday or Wednesday who she's putting where. So excited!

Happy boy! Very focused and playful. Good substance, very handsome. People pleaser. Super friendly. 

This little guy loves to run! Very coordinated and spunky. He's going to be a great performance dog! Cuddly and sweet.

Handsome boy. Good substance and movement. Show/performance prospect. Sweet and playful. 

Handsome boy! He's a bit independent, but friendly and very playful. Nothing phases him. Show/performance prospect. 

Sweet and happy. Loves to carry toys and play tug. He is always happy. He'd love a job to do. 

Playful and busy. She's a social butterfly. Loves to play tug with socks! =)

Much calmer than her sister. She's sweet and quiet. Great temperament. 

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Some updates: I'm booking my hotel this weekend, I finally figured out where the breeder is and where I should probably stay in relation to her and the airport. Going to try out the priceline name your own price deal and get the hotel for $40 a night. We'll see, I have to admit I'm a bit nervous about trying it.

I also in that email indicated that I very strongly want a show prospect. I had been wishy washy in the past and I'm not anymore. She seemed happy in the email back with that decision, so yay. I think we have everything straight with times - flying in late Wednesday, staying until Friday morning - and she's doing CERF and the health certificate on the 26th. Around that same time evaluations will be done and we'll know who is coming home to us!

You know who looks even cuter this week? Hefty! He's a nice, big puppy and the white on his face is bugging me less each week (and it will get smaller as they age). As best I can tell he nicely balanced without looking stretched out. I'm still not Handy's fan, first he's small and at least to me he looks like he's really stretching his back legs in the stack. I do want to kiss his little pink nose in his front shot though!

Brainy still looks good, of course. I still like something about Tailor but then I'm starting to get infamous for picking dogs with a glint in their eye for naughtiness. Not that that's a bad thing, but the entire time we've had Mochi I've found myself wishing for an easier dog. More biddable. It's why I picked aussies. 

Jokey looks good! He'll be very minimal white which I can't decide if I like. Smurfette is cute but she looks overextended in the back stacked. I think it might be how she was stacked and less her conformation. Sassette looks good to me, balanced. I think she has the cuter face of the two girls as well. Anyways, more pictures!

Edit: I remember now like a derp that Dawn noted that Smurfette was slipping on the table, so yea the picture is off due to that. I still like Sassette better of the 2 girls :P

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There's nothing like another adorable batch of photos after a drama filled week. I have to say, they are all looking pretty good as they're maturing. Hefty's cheeks are more prominently copper this week so he will be quite interesting because as best I can tell he has no copper on his legs! He's also got a cool little dilute spot on his side that you can see really well in the photo. Handy is even looking cuter, the merling on his face is just a touch darker to my eyes so his face won't look so washed out. Tailor remains the home favorite, his facial markings are just so stunning and that nice collar but Brainy is quite the eye catcher too! I actually looked more at Jokey this week, the lack of a collar when I've seen it on adult dogs is actually really nice and his copper bits will be a really nice contrast.

Ok I'll shut up let's get to the pictures!

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